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Frequently Asked Questions

Correct. To put it simply, the technology of blockchain allows any baby or item to be unique, impossible to ever delete it, and more importantly, impossible to 'take' it from it's owner. If you own a baby or item, you will forever own it, as long as you hold the keys to your blockchain wallet!

The game is a mixture of collecting and upgrading your experience. There will be many different babies to collect and trade (which only one owner can exist). You can also pit your baby against other babies in the block baby world. If you win, you gain experience. Items and 'team babies' give your 'lead baby' an edge in battle. You can also go on quests which will gain your experience points.
Your lead baby (or babies if you want a few), has stamina that recharges every 2 hours (unless you have special items). When you have enough stamina you put your baby onto 'battle ready' mode. You will then be paired randomly with another baby in the block baby world. Three of the ten attributes will be then selected randomly and the baby with the most points in those attributes will win. Best of three!
We are integrating into the 'VeriArti' engine of VeChain official. They are an NFT creation portal that provide us with a marketplace to use. Some of our babies and items are free, while others are on auction. You are free to sell or trade your items as you move along in your journey.
Don't worry, right now we are integrating our backend/game environment which will be ready very soon. More detailed FAQ will be found inside. We will be accepting registrations for a maximum of 100 users on March 5th! Sign up above to be one of the first!

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