Block Babies is simply that - babies on the blockchain. Each baby (and item) is what's called a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). What this means is that they can never be deleted and they can only ever have one owner. What this does is allow us to create a world (or in this case a nursery) full of different babies and items that can genuinely be unique and owned by you.

Within this world, you can either focus on collecting or gaming. Block Baby cards are divided into three categories: Lead Babies, Team Babies and Items.

Each of these cards have various attributes or skills to them, including the wave they were born, rarity, stamina, or which attribute they will help your Lead baby on in a battle (more on that later), and plenty more. Essentially though, the objective of the world from a gaming standpoint, is for your Lead Baby to rise the ranks of the nursery by increasing their experience points. They can do that by winning battles against other babies, or through going on quests.

Lead Babies

Babies are divided into two camps: Lead Babies, and Team Babies.

Lead babies are the babies that will gain experience. You can have as many lead babies as you want, level them up, climb the leaderboards and either sell them on or keep going, your choice! Each lead baby has 10 attributes.

Adorability Persuasion Patience Sleep Skills Appetite
Playfulness Obedience Kindness Intelligence Dexterity

These attributes are given when you choose a baby, and can be increased through quests. They're also the main focus of what each round in each battle will be on. And your Lead Baby's experience points can be increased through both winning a battle, where you take 10% from your opponent's experience, and also quests. At various milestones of your experience, your Lead Baby gains a level. Battle groups in the Baby Battle lobby are divided by level so things don't get too uneven. Remember, all these things will add value to your baby, be recorded to the blockchain, and make it worth more in the future if you want to trade it on.

So, what do all the bits on a Lead Baby card mean. Let's break them all down.

Wave - Refers to which wave a baby was born. We will be releasing 500 cards over 20 waves totally 10,000 cards.
Stamina - These stars refer to how fast your baby can recharge their energy before they can quest or battle again (by %).
Multiplier- These stars refer to how many more experience or attribute points you will gain from a battle or quest (by %).
Rarity - This refers to have rare a Lead Baby is taking into account when it was born and the above ratings.

To make it easier, here is both a detailed break-down of a card and an example.

Team Babies

Babies are divided into two camps: Lead Babies, and Team Babies.

Team Babies don’t have any attributes, but they can be used in your baby battles in order to give your lead baby an edge against his or her rival. They usually provide a skill or an increase on the attribute chosen to battle on for a specific round, or on all rounds. This is a good time to go a little into the battle format.

A battle is fought over three rounds. Unless you have a Force Team Baby, the attribute the round will be fought on will be randomly chosen. You can take three items and one Team Baby into each round, so a total of three Team Babies. Whereas items will affect specific attributes, Team Babies will affect whatever attribute is chosen for that round.

Team babies are divided into three categories:

Force — Will force a round to be fought on a specific attribute.
Defence — Will deduct from the attribute chosen from your opponent.
Attack — Will increase the attribute chosen for your Lead Baby.

It's important to note that if you choose a Force Team Baby to fight a round on a specific attribute BUT the other player has a Force Team Baby for that round also, then the round is fought on a random attribute.


As with babies, these are also non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. Some can be rare and invaluable, some more common and less effective. There are two types of items:

Environment — Can be used outside of battles to affect your lead baby (increase stamina quicker, increase experience and other skills).
Battle — Can be used inside your battles in order to help provide an edge.

In battle, Items can only be attack or defence. They either add to a specific attribute in battle (attack) or decrease from an opponent’s attribute in battle (defence).

Remember though, Items only affect a specific attribute for a round in a battle. They will add a % to one or more attributes, whereas Team Babies will add a % to whatever attribute is chosen to battle on. Let's have a look at the item card:


Quests (as with battles) can be taken only when your lead baby has enough stamina. Without any environment items aiding a lead baby’s stamina recovery, a lead baby’s stamina usually recharges in 2 hours. However, remember the Stamina attribute of your Lead Baby? That will allow it to recharge faster also. A 5 star Stamina baby, for example, will allow your Lead Baby to go into a quest (and battle) 100% quicker than usual.

A quest can results in any of the following:

- Increase in a certain attribute.
- Increase in experience points.
- Decrease in a certain attribute.
- Decrease in experience points.

Unlike baby battles, items and team babies cannot be used in quests, so unless your lead baby has a certain power, these quests are usually up to chance on what you may discover and earn, so it’s up to you to venture your baby outside the nursery into the outside world!


You can send your baby into a battle when its stamina is recharged. This will of course be quicker if your Lead Baby has a high level Stamina rating. The process of a battle is quite simple:

1. You set your lead baby to ‘Battle Ready’, it will then enter the baby battle arena lobby.

2. You equip your Lead baby with 3 items and 1 team baby for each round.
3. There will be three rounds.
4. An attribute from the 10 will be chosen at random for each round. However, if a player has a 'Force' Team baby, the attribute to be battled on will be whatever that is.
5. If both players have chosen a 'Force' Baby for that round, they are negated and the attribute will be random.
6. Remember items affect specific attributes (add 25% to dexterity and playfulness for example) and Team Babies affect whatever attribute is chosen.
7. Defence Item cards will add to your Lead Baby's attribute if it is relevant to the round.
8. Defence Team babies will add to your Lead Baby's chosen attribute of the round.
9. Attack Item cards will deduct the opponent's Lead Baby's attribute if it is relevant to the round.
10. Attack Team babies will deduct from the oponent's Lead baby's attribute of the round.
11. The Lead Baby with the highest attribute after these additions and deductions wins. Best out of three!

The winner of 2 out of 3 battles will gain 25 experience points, the loser 5.